Creators in Communities

Artistic Platforms for Social Change

Frog in Hand is committed to listening and collaborating with storytellers from diverse communities.  Working with community partners embodies our mission to create, perform, educate and contribute to meaningful social change through dance-theatre. We use the word community with intention as we recognize it is not only the story that matters; often it is who is telling the story that is more important.

Partnerships in site specific work enable us to ‘meet folx where they are at’, fosters new creative relationships, and helps to amplify community conversations. Site specific work can bring life to spaces that are often overlooked, or rarely used for creative adventures. 

If you are interested in knowing more about creator in community partnerships, please contact Frog in Hand.


Emerging Artists

Frog in Hand employs youth through our Summer Company program! 


Weaving Relationships

A community celebration of  National Youth Arts Week


Child & Youth Care

CYC students & youth ask how do we teach care & love? How do we know?


Share the Love

Celebration Square welcomes the summer of the Pan American Games


Place Making

Re-imagining an abandoned arms factory through tcommunity action

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Dance Everywhere

Choreographic collaborations with young people