In Collaboration with Clay and Paper Theatre

The Frog in Hand Summer Company 2020 worked with lead artists Andrew Gaboury and Alice Cavanagh to create cycling mobile puppet squad performances, an original concept by Clay and Paper Theatre. The Summer Company members teamed up in 3 groups, building their own original unique clown characters, stories, props, and design pieces. They performed en route respectively near Withrow Park (Toronto), Riverdale (Toronto), and Port Credit (Mississauga) from July 16 - July 18. 

Lead artists: Andrew Gaboury, Alice Cavanagh

Clowning mentor: Andrew Gaboury

Performers: Andrew Gaboury, Makenna Martinez, Drew Berry, Rohan Dhupar, Alice Cavanagh, Clarke Blair, Erin Eldershaw, Jeremy Pearson, Kaitlyn Seibold, Zachary Bastille, Michael Derworiz, Lizzie Moffatt 

Administrative and production support: Colleen Snell and Jessica Cen

Special thanks to Tamara Romanchuk of Clay and Paper Theatre, Ken Snell, and Heather Snell for your support.

Graphics by Jessica Cen. Frog drawing by Ken Snell.

Follow the lovable, enigmatic, and fun characters of the Planting Queens of Port Credit, the Space Force 77934 of the East End, and the Pond of Riverdale on their quests in your local neighbourhoods!

The Pond

Lizzie Moffatt, Michael Derworiz, Zachary Bastille, Kaitlyn Seibold, Jeremy Pearson. Images by Emilie de Caen.

The Planting Queens

Andrew Gaboury. Image by Tamara Romanchuk.

Makenna Martinez, Andrew Gaboury, Drew Berry, Rohan Dhupar. Image by Colleen Snell.

Space Force 77934

Erin Eldershaw, Clarke Blair, Alice Cavanagh. Image by Brian Blair.

Erin Eldershaw, Alice Cavanagh, Clarke Blair.  Image by Jessica Cen.

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