Winding Road

National Youth Arts Week, Bradley Museum Mississauga May 2015


Winding Road

Port Credit Village Project


This interdisciplinary work is a site-specific performance installation involving contemporary dancers, community members and thousands of meters of thread. The creative intent is to capture the paths we take through space and the everyday spatial patterns created by coming and going. The performance uses a large-scale warping board (typically used on a smaller scale in weaving), to create the image of a woven fabric. The project considers the paths we take over and over and the importance we attach to demarcating boundaries. Winding Road is a project adaptable to many sites; the piece can be an ongoing, evening-length installation or a five-minute performance piece. It can be viewed from all directions and has potential for audience participation. Winding Road is a celebration of community, a hybrid of forms, and a visually captivating exploration of territory, collaboration and community. 

From Heritage Mississauga:“Featuring the work of Mississauga textile artist Noelle Hamlyn and choreographer/dancer Colleen Snell, “Winding Road” presents a metaphor of weaving as community, and considers the important role small communities play in the larger fabric of identity. Partnering with the Port Credit Village Project, City of Mississauga Culture Division, Museums of Mississauga, and the Art Gallery of Mississauga, “Winding Road” weaves community with intentionality, weaving elements of dance and textile art to evoke metaphor, create a strong tactile experience and produce a densely layered narrative.”  

Creative Team

Concept: Colleen Snell, Noelle Hamlyn

Choreography: Colleen Snell, Kristen Carcone, Shino Komatsu

Costume, Set & Weaving: Noelle Hamlyn

With Thanks

National Youth Arts Week, Rebel 15, Port Credit Village Project, Heritage Mississauga, Museums Mississauga