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Choreography is about more than movement!

This class was designed to help choreographers holistically approach their process. In this curriculum, we dive into character design, setting & story, think about how to craft immersive experiences.

Class Description

Amazing things are happening in the world of choreography: cross disciplinary collaboration, incorporating new technology, site-specific and immersive work... In this context, what is the role of the choreographer today? What can choreographers do to train - other than take another dance class? According to Frog in Hand, the answer lies in world building: the process of crafting an imaginary world. That's what this class is all about.


This is a 4-session class led by the Frog in Hand creative team. Each class begins with a relaxed lecture-presentation with time for discussion, ending with creative prompts to explore. The class can be booked for your group in person, or online. Contact us for pricing details. If you are an independent artist, reach out to see when we're running the next session!

Class Outline

Week 1, WHAT: What is world building & the role of the Choreographer

Week 2, WHERE: Designing & building a world (set, props, costume, site)

Week 3, WHO: Character creation & narrative nodes

Week 4, WHY AND HOW: Putting it all together & next steps

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Still curious?


In the video below, Colleen describes this class and her purpose for starting it.

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