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World Building for Choreographers with Colleen

Thank you for your interest! This cohort is now completed and closed. Follow us on Eventbrite for the next open class.

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Choreography is about more than movement!

Let's dive into character design, setting & story, think about how to craft immersive experiences.

Class Description

Amazing things are happening in the world of choreography: cross disciplinary collaboration, incorporating new technology, site-specific and immersive work... In this context, what is the role of the choreographer today? What can choreographers do to train - other than take another dance class? According to Frog in Hand, the answer lies in world building: the process of crafting an imaginary world. That's what this class is all about.

Led by Frog in Hand Artistic Director and resident choreographer Colleen Snell, this 4-week class will be held over zoom on Thursdays. Each class will begin with a relaxed lecture-presentation with time for discussion, ending with creative prompts to explore. We will not be dancing, but we will move. It will be important to have a good wi-fi connection & writing materials (your computer, or a notebook and pen).

Class Outline

Week 1, WHAT: What is world building & the role of the Choreographer

Week 2, WHERE: Designing & building a world (set, props, costume, site)

Week 3, WHO: Character creation & narrative nodes

Week 4, WHY AND HOW: Putting it all together & next steps

About your instructor, Colleen Snell

"Snell has a long history of presenting site-specific and environment responsive work, and this was my first time experiencing her craft in action. I use the word craft because it was so measured and clear. (...) I was held captive by Snell’s deliberate rendering of human response." - The Dance Current

As the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Frog in Hand, Colleen works with a broad range of dance and movement organizations in a variety of roles including educator, choreographer, collaborator, outside eye, fight director and performer. Colleen devises and performs collaborative, site-specific work with musicians, spoken word poets, actors, fight directors, visual artists and martial artists. She holds a master’s degree in dance from England's London Contemporary Dance School (University of Kent). She is an advanced actor-combatant (FDC) and an avid arts educator. Colleen's collaborative choreographic process is highly regarded, as is her work in improvisation and site-specific production. Since the pandemic Colleen has created new radio plays, dance films, outdoor immersive and site-specific productions. She was the dramaturge and worldbuilder for the award-winning narrative website, The Lost Museum (, which was produced by CreativeHub1352.


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