Premiere Mississauga Waterfront Festival June 2014.




An epic dance-theatre piece inspired by the game of chess, checkmate blends stage combat with contemporary dance,  bringing these archetypal characters to life. With two possible endings, you never know who might will win...

Originally premiered at the Mississauga Waterfront Festival (2013), Checkmate has been remounted in partnership with the Guelph Dance Festival's Nooner Series, and at the Living Arts Centre's RBC Theatre.

Creative Team

Concept & Choreography Colleen Snell

Director of Visual Design: Noelle Hamlyn

Various casts (2013, 2016, 2018 etc), including Frog in Hand's 2018 Summer Company, Jeremy Pearson, JT Papandreos, Christine Birch, Christina Udegbunham, Kristen Carcone, Kelly Shaw, Mayumi Lashbrook, Colleen Snell, Andrew Gaboury, Brockenshire Lemiski, Damian Norman, Mateo Torres, Christian Camilo Giraldo

With Thanks

Mississauga Waterfront Festival, Rapier Wit, Frog in Hand Volunteers.