War of the Worlds Reimagined

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War of the Worlds Reimagined is a radio drama by Frog in Hand inspired by H.G. Wells' classic story, War of the Worlds. It is a response to crisis fueled by science fiction.

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A voice recorder found in the Algonquin Highlands holds a story of friendship, a search for peace and an encounter with the unnatural. The Algonquin Tapes is part 1 of Frog in Hand's 3-part War of the Worlds Reimagined project. Part 1 - The Algonquin Tapes will premiere online at the 2021 Toronto Digital Fringe Festival from July 21 to 31.



Alice Cavanagh - Sam

Lizzie Moffatt - Alix


Writer and Director: Andrew Gaboury

Artistic Director: Colleen Snell

Dramaturgy: Daniel Levinson

Sound Design: Miquelon Rodriguez

Digital Production Coordinator: Jessica Cen

*Language advisory: Strong language is used and may not be suitable for all viewers.

Viewer discretion is advised.


War of the Worlds Reimagined: Listening Series


If you enjoyed the first part at Fringe and are curious to hear the complete story with parts 2 and 3, the War of the Worlds Reimagined: Listening Series hosted by Frog in Hand on Zoom Webinar in September 2021 on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. 

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SPECIAL OFFER: With proof of payment of your 2021 Toronto Fringe ticket for Part 1, get 25% off admission to the Listening Series! Email froginhand@gmail.com for more details.

Thank you to Canada Council for the Arts (Digital Originals Program) and City of Mississauga for their support!

With additional support from Frog in Hand 2020 Summer Company program, Canada Summer Jobs, Port Credit Community Foundation, Hazel McCallion Foundation.

Special thanks: Frog in Hand 2020 Summer Company members, Noelle Hamlyn, Ken + Heather Snell
Michael Lemiski, Bill Soper

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