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it shields from loneliness and isolation.

Welcome to the Art Shelter...
Frog in Hand's new home.

Image of Laurie Bakker (Right Arm Builds, by Michael Lemiski


The Art Shelter began as a post-pandemic response. In 2023, we purchased a 42-ft diameter geodesic dome from Arctic Acres. Then we built it in Mississauga, at 887 Hydro Road. In Spring 2024, we will launch our first season of activities in this unique, beautiful and unconventional space. This is a place for Frog in Hand to rehearse and create, but it will also be shared with our community. It will be artist-run and community-engaged, an intentional act of climate leadership. Its limited footprint, flexibility and collaborative operating model will provide space to incubate new ideas and forge community connections.


The Art Shelter is entirely off-grid. It's a repurposed green house. 

We're going to use it to cultivate and grow creative ideas.

With this project, we hope we can do more with less in ways that are socially inclusive, environmentally proactive, and better aligned with an unpredictable future.

Drone footage by Jim Evans


Want to use The Art Shelter for your event, project, community group or to incubate a new creative idea? We ask people to "pay for space with their time" - something called a Karma Exchange model. Our model is based on 4 usage tiers: residents, activators, partners and of course, the Frog in Hand family (members of our artistic network and current or recent collaborators).

Are you working on a project that needs a series of focused dates for rehearsal or incubation? Residencies are 30 hours, usually over one week. We ask residents lead something in exchange for space - this could be a sharing of a work in process, a class, community event, workshop or outreach event.


Activators host ongoing, long-term happenings or events that are spread out over more than one week. These kinds of projects benefit from a regular, ongoing presence in the space. An example of an Activator might be a monthly jam session. We ask activators to lead something in exchange for space - this could be a sharing of a work in process, a class, community event, workshop or outreach event.

Partnerships are sought from organizations who share Frog in Hand’s values of placemaking. These partnerships are developed mindfully, and with great care, and are mutually beneficial to both organizations. They will involve an exchange created in collaboration with Frog in Hand. As an example, an arts organization may wish to host a series of workshops, or a community group may wish to host a special yearly event.


Already part of the Frog Fam? Reach out to us to start a conversation about ways the Art Shelter can support your work, and your creative ideas.


​What does an exchange mean?
An exchange refers to a trade. An exchange should:
(1) elevate the artist's current project and practice 
(2) elevate their & Frog in Hand’s presence in the community


Don’t fit into any of these areas? Propose something to us, and we’ll collaborate.

If you are interested in a monetary exchange, we access these on a case-by-case basis.

Reach out and start a conversation!

Our Funders & Supporters


Mandy MacLean I Arts Activation Coordinator

Woman leaning to the side and putting her hand to her head

Mandy E. MacLean (she/her)  is a multi-hyphenate artist and proud Maritimer, currently based in Toronto. She is a member of the Mad Community, has had multiple experiences of Traumatic Brain Injury, and has a cocker spaniel named Mulder. She is influenced by her training with SITI Company (NYC) and members of SCOT (Japan).


Recent work includes: Access Support for Blind Dates (in development, Theatre Passe Muraille, dir. Majorie Chan), and her work, The Concussion Play; or How I Learned to Wait (in development, supported by Why Not Theatre and the OAC). Mandy also collaborates as a Performer, Director, Educator and Facilitator. She was recently Coordinator for an access-based project between Prologue Performing Arts and the W. Ross School School for the Blind. She is currently a Metcalf Performing Arts Intern and is the Dramaturgy & Accessibility Associate at Theatre Passe Muraille. As Frog in Hand's Arts Activation Coordinator, Mandy believes arts-centred placemaking can spark conversations about access - and considering access, in all forms, can lead to exciting work and positive experiences for everyone.

Photo by @lightsleakin

Volunteer with the Art Shelter to join us as we build a creative place from the ground up.

Frog in Hand is searching for volunteers to help with various activities.
This work will take place at 887 Hydro Road, Mississauga.

Please connect with Mandy E. MacLean, Arts Activation Coordinator, to get started.
Email Mandy at

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