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Dancer sits at a desk holding a knife with dramatic purple lighting


A new dance-theatre work that will chill you
to your very bones

Image of Amelia Brown and Clarke Blair by Kendra Epik

Frog in Hand's newest site-specific show, "Noir" puts a supernatural spin on a timeless classic. This sensational production brings film noir to life. The 2023 premiere was held at Stonehooker Brewing Company in Mississauga, immersing audiences in the ambiance of the brewing hall. 


This production premiered with three unique casts, so a different group of artists interpreted the classic archetypes of femme fatale, detective, cop and criminal each night. 

By Michael Lemiski, Kendra Epik, Bharat Vyas


Artistic Director, Choreographer, Sound Designer: Colleen Snell

Director of Operations: Jessica Cen

Production Design: Noelle Hamlyn

Rehearsal Director: Alice Cavanagh

Dramaturge: Andrew Gaboury

Lighting Designer: Nick Blais (assisted by Bharat Vyas)

Assistant Costume Designers: Daniella Browne, Aibrean Glaister

Assistant Stage Managers: Aiyana Ruel, Sophia Hassenstein

Ryan Lee

Evan Webb

Clarke Blair

Kelly Shaw

Abby Silvera

Sully Malaeb Proulx

Jeffrey Lapira

Danielle Davis

Clara Isgro

Frédèrique Perron

Kai Fitzpatrick

Jaimee Leggett

Amelia Brown

Kt Ayer

Jianna Neufeld

Camille Scully

Music by Colleen Snell, Ellis Freedman, Callahan Connor + others

Sound Consultant: Bill Soper

Logistics: Heather Snell, Jill Hollingsworth

Set Supervision: Ken Snell

PR Representative: Isidora Kecman

With thanks to Adam + the team at Stonehooker.


Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Mississauga, the Hazel McCallion Foundation, the Port Credit Community Foundation, MAC Microgrants and the Canada Summer Jobs program. Supported by National Ballet Open Space Programme and Stonehooker Brewing Company.

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