Stories in the Woods

In October 2019, Frog in Hand premiered their latest site-specific production, Stories in the Woods. This eerie, poetic performance unfolded in the forest surrounding a heritage site in Mississauga. In Stories in the Woods, audiences are led along paths in the woods where strange creatures wait to fill them with wonder. Motivated by the climate crisis, and inspired by science fiction, the show brings guests face-to-face with performers in the night air. Stories in the Woods engages community to consider the environment and to drive positive social change by generating awareness.

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The above film was created by the fabulous folks at Digital Aperture (camera Chris Leckie, Camera and Editing Thomas Sutherland). Thanks for making us look great!

Choreographic Concept, Director: Colleen Snell
Costume & Set Design: Noelle Hamyln
Stage Manager: Laura Ellis
Production Assistant & ASM: Jessica Cen
Dramaturge & Creative Mentor: Daniel Levinson 
Sound Design: Miquelon Rodriguez
Lighting Design: Joe Pagnan
Lighting Design Associate: Echo Zhou
Photography: Nettie Seip
Makeup Jonathan Craig
Makeup, Show Running: Nina Mueller
Cawthra Park Repertoire, Director: Rachael Lutes

Cast & Collaborators
Micha Baltman
Clarke Blair
Alice Cavanagh
Callahan Connor
Justin Fraser
Andrew Gaboury
Makenna (Maks) Martinez
JT Papandreos
Elke Schroeder
Jarrett Siddall
With performances by Conteur Dance Academy Interns
Rachelle Ashmore, Shayla Dyble, Greer Holland,

And additional performers from
Cawthra Park Repertoire (you all rock!)

Special thanks
Heather & Ken Snell for your belief in us.
Nettie Seip for your artistry and your time.
Sacha Gendron & Jim Judge for your advocacy and interest!
Andrew Gaboury for your patience, and your graphic designs.
Our Docents & Volunteers, thank you.




The Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Mississauga Arts Council, City of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion Foundation, Weston Forestry.
Thanks to our supporters at: Rapier Wit, Sawmill Sid, TRCA, Small Arms Inspection Building, Small Arms Society, Cawthra Park S.S., Blueheel Dance Metro Lakeshore, Tatsu Bakery Longbranch.

And to the audiences who came out to watch, thanks for sharing the moment with us.


Image of Clarke Blair by Nettie Seip


Image of Jarrett Siddall by Nettie Seip

Above images of Stories in the Woods cast members by Nettie Seip

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This project was created with generous support from Canada Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Mississauga Arts Council, Hazel McCallion Foundation, and RAMA Mississauga.
Thanks also to our partners Sawmill Sid, City of Mississauga, Small Arms Inspection Building, and Blueheel Dance. 

We could not have done it without you.

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