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The Summer Company

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is it?
It's a job!
Funded by an initiative from the Federal government, the Summer Company brings together a group of talented dancers and arts workers for 8 weeks of full-time seasonal employment. This is a chance to train and perform alongside peers and professional artists.

2. Why is it only for artists under 30?

This project is driven by our desire to give back to the arts community by supporting new and emerging artistic voices in the GTA. It's also funded by the Canada Summer Jobs program, which sets out specific eligibility criteria and is an initiative to assist in youth employment and professional on-the-job training opportunities. Applicants must be under 30 at the time of the program start, which is subject to change. This means to be eligible any candidate must be 29 or under on the start date. If you turn 30 after the start date, you're eligible. For example, JOEY wants to apply but is not eligible because they are turning 30 on May 15th and the start date is May 20th. SAM is eligible because they are turning 30 on May 21st and the start date is May 20th. 


3. What level of dance experience do I need?

The program was crafted for artists with a commitment to making a professional career in the arts. In past iterations, Summer Company members received training in Flying Low, floor work, Gaga Technique, stage combat, acting, jazz dance, Bollywood, improvisation, improvisation/site-specific performance, choreography, physical theatre, music, clown, commedia del'arte, voice, script research and development, martial arts, and long-term coaching with a certified personal trainer. Most recently, the 2022 Summer Company performed in War of the Worlds Reimagined alongside Frog in Hand professional artists. The company usually comprises around 10 dancers, subject to funding results.

4. Can I help behind the scenes?

Yes! Production roles are offered. In the past we've had two positions: the Stage Production Worker and Assistant Costume Designer. These roles are involved in costume, props, stage work, administration, and other behind-the-scenes roles to support the company and our productions. In previous years, we had positions such as Production Assistant, Technical Director, and Publicist.

5. How/When do I apply?

Applications for 2024 are now closed. Thank you for your interest! Keep in touch with us via social media and our newsletter to know when applications open next year.

Watch the 2024 info session to know more about the program:

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