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The Summer Company

The Summer Company will return! Stay tuned for audition announcements and calls for submission in Spring 2023, pending funding results.

In the meantime, want to learn more? 

We held an info session about the Summer Company on zoom on March 12 from 11-12 noon.

Watch the recorded video below:

What is the Summer Company?

1. It's a job!

Funded by an initiative from the Federal government, the Summer Company brings together a group of talented dancers for 9 weeks of full-time work. This is a chance to train and perform alongside peers and professional artists.

2. It's for artists under 30.

This project is driven by our desire to give back to the arts community by supporting new and emerging artistic voices in the GTA. It's also funded by the Canada Summer Jobs program, which sets these eligibility criteria (make sure you fit them all to be eligible - read our full call at the link above).


3. It's for dancers with a commitment to professional practice, who want to make a professional career in the arts.

In past iterations, Summer Company members received training in Flying Low, floor work, Gaga Technique, stage combat, acting, jazz dance, Bollywood, improvisation, improvisation/site-specific performance, choreography, physical theatre, music, clown, commedia del'arte, voice, script research and development, martial arts, and long-term coaching with a certified personal trainer. Most recently, the 2021 Summer Company performed in Stories in the Woods alongside Frog in Hand professional artists. The company is usually around 10 dancers, subject to funding results.

4. We have added new positions for our summer company in costume, props and other behind the scenes work to support designers, production managers and folks who are interested in working on a production crew! 

Check out highlights from 2022 - as well as past years: 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 

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