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The Summer Company is a training and performance initiative for artists under the age of 30. Funded by the Canada Summer Jobs initiative, this project brings together a group of talented artists for 9 weeks of full-time seasonal employment. This project is driven by our desire to give back to the arts community by supporting new and emerging artistic voices in the GTA; it is our response to the challenge of youth unemployment and an investment in the future of the arts in our community. 

During the summer months, this selected group of artists create new work, gain professional performance experience, lead educational outreach and participate in paid professional development with classes led by Frog in Hand's professional performers. In 2018, 2019 and 2020, Summer Company members received classes in Flying Low/floor work (Micha Baltman), Gaga Technique (Alvin Collantes), stage combat (Daniel Levinson, Andy Ingram, Alice Cavanagh), acting, grant writing (Colleen Snell), choreography, physical theatre, clown/commedia del'arte (Andrew Gaboury), voice technique (Alice Cavanagh), researching and developing a script, and long-term strength/stamina/flexibility coaching with a certified personal trainer. 

The 2020 Summer Company ran from June 2020 through to July 2020. 



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Summer Company dancers 2019, Image by Tavia Christina     Summer Company dancers 2018, Image by Rosemary Snell

Summer Company 2020 and guest artists, Image by Kendra Epik

Summer Company: History

2018 Company
Rehearsal Director: Rohan Dhupar
Communications Intern & Performer: Clarke Blair
Company: Hannah Shikatani, Claire Whitaker, Morgyn Aronyk-Schell, Sarah Flack, Gwendolyn Mitchell, Justin Fraser.

In this first year of the company, we began by performing a new work collaboratively created at the Mississauga Waterfront Festival ("Colours"). Company dancers joined a terrific team of established professional dancers in "The Fall" at the Toronto Fringe. The 2018 Summer Company led a full day of workshops for students at Riverside School in Port Credit, and performed "Checkmate" at Mississauga's Living Arts Centre for Canada Day. Our special projects involved dancing outdoors (site-specific work) by the lake (where the company was invited to dance on a boat!), creating a dance film in the historic Small Arms Inspection Building, and performing original choreography by Rohan Dhupar (Speakeasy Suite).

2019 Company
Rehearsal Director: Micha Baltman
Production Assistant & Stage Manager: Jessica Cen 
Company: Krista Newey, Cody Berry, Kirsten Sullivan, Tavia Christina, Anastasia Botos, Dana MacDonald. 

In this second year of the company, we hit the ground running - company members began by performing a highly theatrical work they devised in collaboration with Andrew Gaboury and Colleen Snell at the Mississauga Waterfront Festival ("Boomba!"). Then they joined spoken word poet Callahan Connor in re-creating "Heart of Matter" at the Toronto Fringe Festival, performing 8 times in Trinity Saint Pauls' United Church. They led "Dragon"workshops for QE Public School and Port Credit S.S., and performed at Mississauga's Living Arts Centre for Canada Day. Special projects involved research and development for Stories in the Woods, Sugar Plum (led by Sadie Epstein Fine), company workshops/classes led by company members, and a master class led by Matti Tauru, a dancer at Tanzmainz at Staatstheater Mainz in Germany. The company trained for seven weeks with personal trainer, actor/physical theatre artist Alice Cavanagh.

2020 Company

Co-Artistic Director: Alice Cavanagh

Production Assistant & Business Manager: Jessica Cen 

Company: Zachary Bastille, Drew Berry, Clarke Blair, Michael Derworiz, Rohan Dhupar, Erin Eldershaw, Makenna (Maks) Martinez, Lizzie Moffatt, Jeremy Pearson, Kaitlyn Seibold.


In the third year of the company, we went digital under the artistic direction of Frog in Hand co-founder and director Colleen Snell and actor Alice Cavanagh, working with guest artists Noelle Hamlyn, Sadie Epstein-Fine, Teiya Kasahara, Cole Vincent, Andrew Gaboury, and Callahan Connor. The Summer Company was mentored in voice work and fitness training with Alice Cavanagh, sound and audio exploration, movement sessions with the artistic directors, and research and developing "Sugar Plum" script by Sadie Epstein-Fine. Under social distancing measures, the performers rehearsed three pieces filmed for the Bollywood Monster Mashup that was live on the Bollywood Monster Mashup Facebook.  They filmed a short dance film in collaboration with artist Noelle Hamlyn based on her award-winning art work "Lifers", submitted to the digital Toronto Fringe Collective and premiered from July 4 - 6. We developed Clay and Paper Theatre's mobile performance tour "Cyclops" with lead artists Andrew Gaboury and Alice Cavanagh and performed around neighbourhoods in Toronto and Mississauga. The Summer Company sought out experts in pedagogy, dance-theatre, improvisation, and site-specific performance to develop, write, and film videos for an online masterclass on YouTube as an educational resource. We performed a score-based improvisational piece called "Distance Dances" with spoken word poet Callahan Connor on the grounds near the Small Arms Inspection Building. We developed an audio / radio play based on War of the Worlds with the Frog in Hand artistic team that is slated to premiere at the 2021 Toronto Fringe Festival.

Our Supporters

Thank you to Summer Company community partners the Port Credit Community Foundation, the City of Mississauga, the Hazel McCallion Foundation, and to Canada Summer Jobs.  Thanks also to the professional artist mentors who supported Summer Company 2018, 2019, 2020. Special thanks to Andrew Gaboury, Daniel Levinson and Rapier Wit, Caroline Augustin and Blueheel Dance Studio, Kelly Shaw, Micha Baltman, Alvin Collantes, Philippe Poirier, JT Papandreos, Andy Ingram, Alice Cavanagh, Callahan Connor, Sadie Epstein-Fine, Teiya Kasahara, Cole Vincent, New Blue Dance, Clay and Paper Theatre, Julie Tepperman, Kev McCurdy, Affair of Honor, Kim Fischer, Kristen Carcone, Samuel Davilmar, Casey Hudecki, Jill Hollingsworth.

Summer Company 2020 member Kaitlyn Seibold in Lifers. Image by Noelle Hamlyn.

Left to right Summer Company 2019 dancers Dana MacDonald, Kirsten Sullivan. Image by Tavia Christina.

Left to right: Summer Company 2018 members Morgyn Aronyk-Schell and Justin Fraser in The Fall. Image: Francesca Chudnoff

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