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A story from the lake

Premiere: Memorial Park Mississauga Waterfront Festival  June 2017 

Images by Gabriella Banks, Claire Lemiski, Rosemary Snell, Nakita Photography, Ken Snell and Noelle Hamlyn

Two people holding a two masted boat prop

Performers Colleen Snell and Andrew Gaboury


Home is a multidisciplinary, site-specific reimagining of Port Credit’s nautical past. The production follows a captain and crew as they experience adventure, recount tales and explore the shores of the Great Lakes through music, dance and theatre.

Home was in part, a response to Canada’s 150th anniversary. Our collaborators visited Heritage Mississauga, met citizens, read local literature and engaged Heritage Mississauga Historian Matthew Wilkinson to develop a story based in local folklore, historical figures and key historic events. We drew inspiration from these sources to design our set based on the schooners of Port Credit’s stone-hooking trade, and our story, which drew on characters such as “Mad Cap” from Port Credit’s past. Home incorporated traditional as well as contemporary song and dance forms. We created a production seeking to embody a past, and contextualize the present...

Where have we been?  Where are we going? 

Creative Team

Home was commissioned by the Mississauga Waterfront Festival (MWF)

Original Cast: Miquelon Rodriguez, Andrew Gaboury, Kristen Carcone, Colleen Snell, Philippe Poirier.

Costume & Set: Noelle Hamlyn designed and created our phenomenal mobile ship set.

Original Story: Andrew Gaboury. 

With Thanks 

The Mississauga Waterfront Festival, City of Mississauga, the folks at Clarke Hall, Ken Snell the Builder, Great Art for Great Lakes-Waterlutions, Frog in Hand volunteers.  

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