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Frog in Hand is offering a unique improvisation course online through zoom! 

About the Class

This 8-week dance improvisation class will be led by Colleen Snell, from 7pm-9pm on Thursdays, once per week from February 4th-March 25th, 2021.

The purpose of this course is to MOVE and be moved. We will study improvised movement as a form, focussing on techniques from contemporary dance. You will move from impulse, learn to trust your instincts and tune into your senses. We will draw inspiration from our habits, be curious as we challenge them and open up a wide range of dynamic qualities. As you dance, you will explore different structures for improvisation - techniques and approaches to encourage specificity in your movement. This class will touch upon scores, site-specific work, and developing an improvised dance. As the course progresses there will be time set aside for reflection and feedback.

Each class will begin with a warm up, a guiding question and series of dance improvisation tasks, culminating in sharing and discussion.

*Recommended for movers with 5+ years of training, 18 years of age and older.

What you will need:

- Zoom access and a webcam

- Writing implements (pens, pencils, erasers)

- Paper (notebook recommended)

- Loose clothing for movement

- A space to move (enough room to lie down in, and stand up without touching the ceiling)


Section 1: Listen to impulse

Stream of consciousness, listening, tuning into our senses.

Section 2: Understand and create scores

Create from a constraint. What do scores do and how can we use them?

Section 3: Site-specific work

How can we make dances that are inspired by where we already are? Let's dance in a variety of spaces, and see what happens.

Section 4: Crafting an improvised dance

Create your own improvised dance project(s), based on in-class learning.


* Hey, by the way, this class is a flat rate of $80 for 8 classes, subsidized by Frog in Hand to be only $10 per lesson! If you like this, check out our Writing Circle, led by Andrew Gaboury.

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