Improvisation Workshops 

Left image of Kelly Shaw and Alvin Collantes by Rosemary Snell. Right image of Guelph Dance studios by Colleen Snell


Frog in Hand offers unique workshops and master classes in diverse approaches to improvisation. Classes offered include: 

  •  Improvisation Tactics: A workshop developed to refine the individual dancers' sensitivity, awareness, capacity for movement and open the mover to new qualities of movement

  • Improvisation Scores: A workshop geared at using improvisation as a compositional tool, or as a way of preparing a group of dancers for an improvised performance

  • Site-Specific Improvisation: A workshop aimed at developing a performers' awareness of space, generating movement inspired by the history, architecture, spirit and use of a site.

For information about improvisation workshops or upcoming improv jams please contact us.​

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