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Dance to connect with impulse, learn to trust your instincts and tune into your senses. In this workshop we will draw inspiration from our habits, be curious as we challenge them and open a wide range of dynamic qualities. We will explore techniques and approaches to encourage specificity.


Each class will begin with a warm up and guiding question. We will then experience a series of dance improvisation tasks, culminating in group reflection and feedback. Our workshop leaders are passionate movers devoted to improvisation as a vehicle for discovery, training, sparking creativity and tuning into the present moment. 


Our first season of Dance Improvisation was held in Winter 2021 and our second season of Dance Improvisation was held in Spring 2021 on Zoom with a group of talented and explorative folks of different artistic backgrounds. They were guided through opening their senses, structures and techniques for improvisation, scores, site-specific work, and developing improvised dance.

If you have any questions about this class, please contact us.

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