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Dance Improvisation

This workshop is led by a Frog in Hand company member and current collaborator. Book this workshop if you'd like to learn how to connect more deeply with impulse, learn to trust your instincts and tune into your senses. In this workshop we will draw inspiration from our habits, be curious as we challenge them and open a wide range of dynamic qualities. We will explore techniques and approaches to encourage specificity.


Each class begins with a warm up and guiding question. We then experience a series of dance improvisation tasks, culminating in group reflection and feedback. Our workshop leaders are passionate movers devoted to improvisation as a vehicle for discovery, training, sparking creativity and tuning into the present moment. 

This class is great for small, medium and large groups of all ages and levels of experience! Contact us for more information. Are you an independent artist? Reach out to discover when we're running this class next.

Above images: 2019 Summer Company Members by photographer Tavia Christina

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