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Stage Combat and Dance


Workshops, Drop In Sessions

Book a Frog in Hand workshop in stage combat - or our unique blend of stage combat and dance! We'll explore communicating through touch, partnering, weight sharing, storytelling and portraying conflict through movement. Interested in trying a drop in session? We partner our good friends at Rapier Wit for Drop Ins on Monday and Friday nights - click here to see if Colleen Snell has a session coming up.

Professional Consultation and Fight Direction

Frog in Hand offers a range of fight direction services for all stages of your production, from development to performance. We are ready to help you create the illusion of violence through clear storytelling and techniques for all kinds of contexts - in the round, proscenium, site-specific... Whether it's a simple slap or a full duel with rapiers, we can help and nothing is too small. Need help directing actors fall to the floor safely? A fight with unusual objects? We've got you covered. Frog in Hand also offers a unique blend of dance combined with stage combat to achieve an abstracted communication of tension or violence. Beyond this, if we can't do it we know someone who can. Please don't hesitate to send your questions and inquiries our way.

Media reviews of Colleen Snell's fight direction:

"It’s slow and intimate and broody — until Snell’s fight choreography kicks in." - The Toronto Star 

"The show’s combat scenes are intense, highly physical and brutal—made even more so by the close proximity the audience is afforded to the action." - Mooney on Theatre

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