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Frog in Hand explores Film Noir at the National Ballet

Hello again, and welcome to another Blog with me, Maya, the FH intern!

This month I’m back to introduce you to Frog in Hand’s newest production: “NOIR” - a contemporary dance work exploring the Film Noir genre. We're really early in the process, but you can check out some behind the scenes highlights from rehearsal below.

Research for this brilliant new show began partway through March, at the National Ballet of Canada’s Open Space Program. The Open Space program is amazing and welcomed a number of different dance groups to use the National's state-of-the-art studios for one or two weeks - so we were surrounded by colleagues researching, rehearsing and working. I had the incredible opportunity to join Frog in Hand's process, dancing beside Ryan Lee, Sully Malaeb Prolux, Evan Webb, Kelly Shaw, Abby Silvera and Clarke Blair - all wonderful, intelligent artists and storytellers. Together we researched, planned, imagined, choreographed, investigated, discussed, reimagined, tore apart, and pieced together the beginning of this work, finding meaning in the movement, and movement from the meaning. We explored what it means to exist as, and embody, a Film Noir character, embracing their stoic poise while finding the raw humanity underneath. Began with recurring archetypes and began to make them our own; characters like the dead woman, the detective, the cop, the sidekick, the femme fatale. We explored how gender identity can enhance and transform these characters, and their narratives.

Thank you to FH’s co-founder and artistic director Colleen Snell for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow within such an artistic, caring, supportive, and professional environment. Throughout this research period, I have gained a better understanding of how to create stories and build worlds, and how to use one’s mind and body in an intelligent and open way. Frog in Hand is so excited to present “Noir” in Mississauga throughout July.

The 2023 Summer Company will be involved in this production, and applications just opened - so apply, apply, APPLY! You can submit your resume to be considered for a few different roles, including dancer, stage production worker, or assistant costume designer. It's right here on our website. These positions are for artists under the age of 30. Over 30? Well there's ALSO a job posting for Art Activation Coordinator with the Art Shelter - read more and apply right here. You have until April 3rd to submit your application for all of these roles, and this is an incredible opportunity you DON’T want to miss!

Thank you for reading my March blog!! Come back next month for the final edition and find out more about my time overall with Frog in Hand.

Shout out to our friends at the TranscenDance Project who are going into shows March 31st through to April 9th, 2023. You can check out their exciting immersive show, A Grimm Night, at the Great Hall in Toronto. Tickets are on sale now through this page on Eventbrite.


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