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Introducing: the 2021 Summer Company!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Here we are, folks - already in the thick of it! The 2021 Summer Company has hit the ground

running (and rolling, and advancing, and lunging, and falling) and I’m here to give you an inside scoop.

I’m Sierra Goldak, and I am a first time member of Frog in Hand’s Summer Company. I am a performer, which in the context of the Summer Company means that I am a contemporary dancer, theatre artist, clown, musician, novice Bollywood dancer, and aspiring martial artist. By the end of the summer that list is likely to be longer. There seem to be very few confines around here; our circumstances have starved us for art and so we will consume it and create it in whatever form it presents itself to us and arises from us in this inquisitive, insatiable cycle that seems only to gain momentum through our togetherness.

Image of Sierra by Colton West Photography

It’s true; we are, in fact, working together! We have had the privilege of meeting most days in outdoor spaces where we can see and speak to each other with no need of devices for

assistance. It is glorious. Challenging, sure, but what is there in 2021 that isn’t fraught with

difficulty? I’d much rather be here, contending for work that I believe in among people who also refuse to concede that the story is over.

Summer Company members, guest artist Andrew Gaboury, rehearsal director Alice Cavanagh. All images by Colleen Snell.

Should you be curious about our antics, I invite you to engage with us on social media and stay tuned for our upcoming performance dates! We are so excited to share with you.

Director of Visual Design Noelle Hamlyn works with Assistant Costume Designer Mariana Sandoval-Angel and Production Assistant Angela Xu (L-R)


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