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Post Two: Tavia Talks with Anastasia!

Welcome back readers! Along with our blog posts, we will be sharing with you personal interviews with some of our company members! First up we have Anastasia Botos. Stay with us to the end of this blog for some behind the scenes video from rehearsals.

Where are you from? Where do you study? Why did you start dancing?

I am from Greece. I was born and raised there and studied dance at the Greek National Opera until moved to Canada at the age of 15. Once I arrived in Canada I went to Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, currently I’m in my fourth year at Ryerson University. Before dance came into my life I was training in Taekwondo for about 7 years. After years of training in Taekwondo I decided to challenge myself with something new and I signed up for dance lessons. This is my very first company contract!

How did you first hear about Frog in Hand?

The first time I heard about Frog in Hand was in my first year of Ryerson during a conversation in my creative performance studies class.

What do you find interesting and unique about this company?

There are many things that interest me about this company! I think the two most interesting things to me personally are that this is a dance theatre company and that it’s not only focusing on dance. Also how Frog in Hand has site specific elements in their work.

What is your role in Dragon?

In Dragon my role is the dragon!

Anastasia Botos

What was your favourite part of this process?

My favourite part of this process was learning some stage combat and exploring the role of the dragon.

What are you interested in learning more of with FIH?

I’m interested in creating new characters and sharing stories with different audiences.

What are you most excited for in these next 9 weeks?

I’m very excited for all the performances that I’m going to be a part of with this company. I’m specifically looking forward to being a part of the remount of Heart of Matter that is going to be performed at the Toronto Fringe Festival.

What is your favourite animal ?


Thank you so much Anastasia! We will be continuing on next week with our other company members! In the meanwhile I would like to mention that Frog In Hand will be performing at the Mississauga Waterfront Festival! Here are some highlights from rehearsal:

You can catch Frog In Hand performing at the Mississauga Waterfront Festival: WHERE: The Gazebo (Heritage Stage) in the centre of the Port Credit Memorial Park WHEN: June 15 at 12PM and 3:30PM, Sunday June 16th at 12PM and 2:30PM. Admission is FREE! Talk soon!

-Tavia Christina

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Jack Dumfries
Jack Dumfries
Jul 29, 2023

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